Martin quite

Martin quite It was difficult to measure its progress, nevertheless it was necessary to push the boy to that he realized the achievements in spite of the fact that lag in intellectual development became more obvious.

Martin quite often lived in the imagined and unreal world, but his imagination were not psychotic leaving from reality.

More likely, they rooted in the distorted interpretation of the real facts.

In music of such it did not happen.

Though the situation in Martin's family was stable and reliable, any new situation influenced behavior of the boy and his feeling of safety.

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Reaction Improvisations, undoubtedly, reflect work of subconscious processes: something at the child leaves incidentally, he does something intentionally, for example, having heard a sound which pleased it, or pleasant sequence of sounds, he tries to repeat them.

Reaction of the child to the sound distributed by a row depends on its state and has a certain value both in the social plan, and in respect of perception.

We can observe that the musical equipment at the child becomes thinner also uporyadochenny even if improvisation and is far from correct.

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It is good

It is good With the last bit of strength Alyona hurried in the airport and managed to buy the plane ticket departing from Upryamsk to Moscow.

It is good that she did not manage to spend that money which parents gave it on the road.

And that to it was necessary to be late still for a long time in this unpleasant city and to live among bolkny an asinine illness.

Business trip of mother Tell the child The fairy tale about business trip.

Try to prepare the kid for it a sokbytiya in advance.

The fairy tale about business trip Anna Berdnikova Once upon a time there were in the wood in a small lodge the father hare, mother doe hare and the little sonzaychishka.

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Or about big love

Or about big love Or about big love to this game.

Separate geometrical figures say that the child has an accurate purpose and he does not hide it.

The corners at a figure are more accurate, the it is more than aggression against all who as it seems to it can prevent it.

The little men, comical persons or attractive faces which are irregularly drawn on a leaf give out feeling of helplessness, as if division when there is a wish to evade from duties, but such is not present opportunity.

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It is desirable

It is desirable In good sincere conversation it will continue them.

It is desirable test offers to give not a uniform stream, but a scattering having disguised among it is simple offers.

It is possible today, tomorrow etc.

, and gradually you will have pretty complete picture.

It is quite good if you write down them in that option as your child told but, of course, not at it in the eyes.

From what phrases you will pick up in advance, also depends what information you receive at the exit.

So, subject: leader, company, relation.

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